Forget Me Knots Story

Forget Me Knots-147.jpg

Forget Me Knots is friendship jewelry for grown ups, because we’re never too old to encourage each other.

People used to tie string around their fingers in the shape of a bow to remember something important. I think it’s pretty important that women remind each other that they are worthy of love.

That’s why I made Forget Me Knots—to give people like you physical reminders of truth, and equip you to empower the women around you. Because when you know the truth of who you are, it can’t stop with you.


It all started back in 2013, in a small church in South Africa, where I heard these words:

“No person or circumstance can determine your identity or destiny. Only God can.”

Those words were a catalyst for so much of my own healing, and I knew that so many other women needed to hear those words spoken over them. And years later, Forget Me Knots was born.

After experiencing success, being interviewed on TV and selling in Hollywood, I had an emotional breakdown, and chose to step back from Forget Me Knots in 2016 to pursue healing. It was the best decision I’ve ever made (you can read my letter about it here).

I’m back with fresh vision, a heart that’s learned how to experience pain and darkness, and a soul that’s grown in capacity to live and love. I’m thankful you’re here, and I hope that you can join me in the #ForgetMeKnotsFamily as we pursue healing and truth together.