A January-end review: 5 questions to ask yourself post-new years


How are you doing?

It’s the question asked so casually—usually by an acquaintance as you cross paths and you only have 2.8 seconds to open your mouth, let alone actually think about what you’re going to say. So what do we tend to say?

“Good.” Smile. Keep walking.

But when I ask you this question, I mean it. I sincerely want to know how you’re doing at this moment, in this month. And, since I’m not physically with you (unfortunately), I hope that you take the time to ask yourself.

New years wasn’t all that long ago, even though it may feel worlds away. But I suggest that you go back to that night, when the promise of a new year meant the possibility of fresh starts, new intentions, and maybe even some much-needed hope. What’s happened from then ‘til now? Has it been what you’ve dreamed of? Or has it been a blur of busyness? Or perhaps nothing seems to have changed at all?

No matter what the first few weeks of the year have brought, here are a few questions that can help you process, reflect, and give space to feel what you need to about 2019. Grab your journal, your hot beverage of choice and start talking to yourself.

Question 1: How am I feeling about my hopes/dreams/goals for this year?

Are you killing it? Do things feel out of reach? I know what helps me when it comes to taking action is to schedule some time, even if it’s just 15 minutes, to work towards that thing—and I make sure I protect that time fiercely. It’s amazing what can get done when you’re consistently putting small chunks of time in.

Question 2: When I have a moment to breathe, how do I feel?

Shoulders tense? Focused and purposeful? On the verge of an anxiety attack? When no one else asks how you’re doing, you need to be the one checking in on yourself. Once you’re aware of how you’re really doing, then you can take action. Otherwise, a heart, mind and body left unchecked can result in snapping at the people you love, coming down with a nasty sickness, or paralyzation from overwhelm.

Question 3: If I were my best friend, what would I tell myself in this moment?

If you could hear any words right now, what do you need to hear? Is it that you don’t need to be perfect, and that you’re a rockstar for showing up every single day? That your to-do list can wait so you can have a 20 minute nap? Or maybe that you actually can crush that goal you set? Whatever it is, say that to yourself. Give yourself that gift that only you know you need. Write it down, and repeat it as many times as you need.

Question 4: Who can I reach out to for accountability and support?

Fact: you can’t do this alone. And you don’t have to. If these first few weeks have been knocking you down, surround yourself with people you know you can be vulnerable with. Give yourself the opportunity to be loved on, encouraged, and challenged by the people who love you dearly.

Question 5: What is my true source hope? Has my life and attitude been reflecting that?

When things get busy, our vision can often get blurry. And when we lose sight of our true source of hope, then our thoughts and actions tend to not reflect what we’re really about. No matter what has or hasn’t happened this year, I believe that hope is never lost. If circumstance can’t touch hope, then what does that mean for you?

Or maybe, it’s in times like these that we realize that our source of hope wasn’t really a reliable source at all. I know it was in my darkest times when I discovered my Hope, and I believe the same thing for you.

Tayllor Lemphers