I’m a writer, speaker, and jewelry maker. My favourite colour is ochre (look it up, it’s divine) and I could reread A Wrinkle in Time a thousand times. But most of all, I’m pursuing healing. Here’s why.

Growing up, I was given a label:


It started when I was bullied through elementary school by other girls. It manifested in an eating disorder, and an attempt to take my own life. My pain turned into a beautiful exterior covering a scared girl who ran from her “negative emotions” for years—until I had a mental breakdown. That started my journey through anxiety and depression and a ton of therapy. And here we are now.

My new label?


I’m committed to ongoing healing.

I’m committed to working through the ugly of my life.

I’m committed to seeing the beauty that comes from refinement.

I’m committed to showing you that you can do the same.

Because no one should ever have to go through pain thinking they’re alone.

Whether I’m writing for a business, working on my book (oh yes, it’s happening), making jewelry, speaking on stage or listening to the story of a dear (or new) friend, that’s my mission.

I write stories of all kinds:
ATB Financial, Local Wolves Magazine, The Free Woman, The Truly Movement

I speak on identity and overcoming:
Oh, Hello Friend You Are Loved Gathering, Grace Belle Blog Sweetheart Brunch, New Life Community Church Women’s Conference

I make friendship jewelry for grown ups:
Have you checked out Forget Me Knots?

My hope is that I can give you the gifts that I’ve learned on my journey through dark places so that you’ll not only make it through—you’ll be transformed.

Wanna chat about writing? Speaking? Or do you need a friend to confide in? I’d love to listen. Shoot me a little note, and we’ll get to know each other.

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